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This project has indirectly received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under project REACH Incubator (Grant Agreement no. 951981).

Introducing CartGuard

CartGuard elevating customer joyney

Elevating the Consumer Journey by 100%

What you get

  • Reduce fraud

    Reduced fraud

    Using AI to identify consumers at high risk of fraud and execute targeted audits can help to minimize instances of fraud.

  • Improve Journey

    Improved Customer Journey

    Your loyal customers will have a better experience and will encounter fewer stops.

  • Deploy where it matters

    Deploy your staff where it matters

    Execute fewer audits while reducing the total amount of fraud.

How it works

CartGuard real time decisions

Real-Time Decisions

At the CartGuard real-time prediction API endpoint, we receive cart data, consumer information, and location metadata. Our deep learning algorithm predicts the probability of fraud and then audit decision is realized while also considering the availability of staff and the estimated time to perform the audit.

CartGuard configurable


Store managers or corporate teams can fine-tune the algorithm at the retail location level to optimize results and enhance the customer experience.

CartGuard dashboard


Our handy, real-time dashboard empowers your corporate staff by granting them access to both historical and real-time data pertaining to the platform's status. Comprehensive access rights allow custom configuration, enabling users to either view the entire environment or gain access only to location- specific data.

CartGuard automation


We offer automated training of algorithms tailored specifically for your retail chain. Data synchronization is supported through standard protocols such as direct PostgreSQL sync, REST API, and GraphQL endpoints. All your data can be accessed through our ultra-fast API platform.

Achieve More with CartGuard AIPowered Security

Elevating Retail Integrity Through Innovative Checkout Safeguards

  • 3x

    Reduction of fraud
  • 2x

    less audits compared to traditional methods
  • 100%

    proven by billion dollar retail chain
CartGuard happy customers


Happy Customers
How to implement Cart Guard
CartGuard implementation

How to implement it

Proven Plan

CartGuard has been successfully tested by one of the largest retail chains in Europe. Our highly experienced team can execute the same implementation in matter of days.

Proof of Concept

CartGuard is prepared to demonstrate how our platform can deliver tangible savings. We will implement our unique algorithm across several locations, running parallel to your existing solution, to establish its superior efficiency.

Deployment at Scale

Once you are satisfied, our expert team will proficiently scale up the environment and assist you in deploying the solution seamlessly across your entire enterprise.

Our Team

Powering Security with Collaborative Excellence

Jozef Balaz CEO CartGuard


Orhan Sonmez CTO CartGuard



Achieve More with CartGuard's AI-Powered Security

Ready to experience the future of secure retail transactions? Connect with our dedicated team at CartGuard and embark on a journey towards enhanced checkout security and operational excellence.

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